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The Dao-Yoga system

Dao-Yoga is an innovative system, consisting of yoga and martial arts elements, which complement each other and fit together uniquely. Combined with healthy nutrition and habits, It is a powerful method to reestablish the balance of body and mind, maintain high energy, reduce stress, develop physical strength, get focused and awake the natural healing powers within.  

Moden lifestyle is catching up with us. Many of us, who are living in the fast-lane, are paying the price: physically, mentally, emotionally or personally. Western medicine often doesn‘t have the answer, our food is industrialized and harms our system more then we want to believe, and our habits are not always the best ones.

The rate of people suffering from chronic conditions is increasing by the day. Western medicins are trying to treat the symptoms, without great success and many side effects, whereas the solution lies within the source.


That is precisely why we developed Dao-Yoga.
It looks at the person as a whole and what might be influencing the system, causing disharmony and creating the disorder with the aim to harmonize this influence and restore the body`s natural equilibrium.

The practice combines flowing, dynamic motion, sound, posture, breathing, inner observation with a change of nutrition and habits. 

It helps us to regain our health, to be energetic and focused, to mobilize our strengths and let go of tension, thoughts, and emotions that are restricting, harming and might cause us chronic sickness or problems.

At the same time, Dao-Yoga enables us to stand confident in front of everyday challenges and lead a free life: in harmony with our being and our surroundings.

The system is comprised of modules.  Each module has a different focus, a different level of physical difficulty, and a different intensity of energy work. The various modules produce a unique experience in bodywork and inner energy, which builds up within you, carries, and holds you. 


Many aspects of our program are scientifically recognized.  Western clinical studies have shown that the regular practice of Tai Chi can have diverse positive effects upon various aspects of physical health, like the cardio-vascular system, sensitivity to pain, balance and generally on body control, mobility and strength. 

Qi Gong is known for its healing powers, boosting the immune system and helping conditions like Parkinson, chronic pain, and back pain.

Harvard University stated that in the next ten years, meditation is one of the necessary skills you need if you want to succeed in business. 

Yoga is more than a trend; it helps millions of people around the world to reduce stress and harmonize body and mind.

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