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Welcome to AnanDao's Dao-Yoga

Dao-Yoga is the Art of Regeneration, it`s a way of life that helps people over 40 to renew the body before it “rusts” or deteriorates. You get flexible and release pains easily.

It is an innovative system, offering natural ways to deal with the effects of a fast-moving, challenging, modern lifestyle. 

We combine techniques of motion, breathing, and energy work from Yoga and Dao (Qi Gong and Tai Chi) with type-specific ayurvedic Nutrition.

We teach you how to release pain and stiffness, recharge energy, recover your agility, and strengthen the body, without Fitness training, which is leaving you with pain, drained and exhausted.
The AnanDao motion is “going with the body” and will enable you to do any daily activity without pain, limitation, or difficulty.

Our solutions are combining face-to-face sessions and digital video training. Easy, comfortable, Accessible on any device, fits perfectly in your schedule whenever and how much you want, in the comfort of your home/office or anywhere else. 

The Solutions

Dao-Yoga for Business presents the Future of workplace:
Cyber Room

Cyber Room
Cyber Room

The cyber room is a physical, digital training room in your company that enables employees to take part in short training throughout the day. The aim is to improve individual performance, creativity, and unfold the individual talents.

Strengthening the individual will help the company reduce sick day, increase sales, integrate departments, maximize the effectivity and secures the company's long-term success.

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Our students are saying...


"For me, the practice is an incredible connection inside, to the breathing to my body. In the end, I just feel great, stronger, more stable and focused.
An incredible activity that was recommended to me because of a health problem, and I really feel much better since I started practicing."

Chava, couple therapist

"From the first moment, I was so deeply touched. I immediately felt how effective it is on the body. The practice reduces tension, gives me more energy, I feel there is a lot of healing on the physical and mental levels, very much peace and deep joy. All my cells are happy to practice and scream with happiness."

Mali, teacher
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