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Nice to meet you!

We are Noa and Ralf Peekel,

husband and wife, students, teachers and experts in Yoga, Nutrition and Martial Arts.

Noa`s journey started with Yoga, she was looking for ways to fix her health, not knowing she was dealing with a chronic genetic condition that is growing tumors on the glands.

Only later after studying for many years the diverse Yoga system, diving into the Ayurveda world and finally embracing Qi Gong and Tai Chi into her life she found health and discovered she had this condition.

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Ralf has been practicing Daoist arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu for over 30 years. 

After 16 years as an international Business consultant and CEO of a Consulting company, he experienced a lot of stress and tension, which effected his health and his life ending with a hard Tinnitus condition.


Failing to find help in western medicine, he realized a change must be made.

The search for healing led us to a study journey of 12 years in the Daoist Mountains of Wudang, in China, and to the teaching of hundreds of people in our school for Asien Arts, which we founded in 2005 in Germany.

After Ralf`s first travel to WuDang, In spite of all doctors saying it is impossible, he healed his Tinnitus completely and years later was one of the first westerners to be appointed as an official Disciple member of the 16. Generation of Zhang San Feng Pai.


Together we continued to investigate, practice, and develop healing through motion, nutrition, and help students to manifest new habits. From here, the way to AnanDao was short. We were looking for the best way to bring the ancient knowledge we brought from China to those who need it. Combining what we learned there with many methods we have studied from the best teachers around the globe we created Dao Yoga.

Dao-Yoga helps people over 40 to ReNew the body before it “rusts” or deteriorates. You can get flexible and release pains easily within a very short time. It releases pain and stiffness, recharges energy, recovers your agility, and strengthens the body, without Fitness training, which is leaving you with pain, drained, and exhausted.


Today we spend a lot of time in different countries, helping people of different cultures to get a healthier, happier and more successful life.

„Only by regular, earnest self-practice does one’s inner dedication and love to everything and everyone unfold.  Only a pure, steady heart follows the natural Dao, which lives in all things.”

- Ralf Peekel -


"When we challenge our bodies, we also challenge our mind.  When we challenge our mind, we extend our mindset.  We grow beyond our limitations." 

- Noa Peekel -

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